El Comienzo

Chau Baltimore! At last, the time has come to leave the mid-atlantic heat for the frosty streets of the BA winter.

July 22, 2012. Looking back on this experience as a whole, I won’t be surprised if the most stressful part of the trip remains the hours leading up to departure. What should I pack? How should I pack it? Is it worth paying the extra $70 for another suitcase? How small does my carry-on have to be? Do I really need written and signed prescriptions for my medicine? The exchange rate is what? Why do I need multiple front-and-back photocopies of every single item in my wallet? More and more questions, one after the other, continued to race through my mind as the 10pm JFK departure grew closer. It’s amazing how trivial matters can create such stress and concern. All these little details aside, I came to realize: Huh.. This time tomorrow, I’ll be in Buenos Aires. Although I had been saying it all year, the thought of me living in the large, cosmopolitan “Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” for five months finally began to dawn on me as a figment of reality. To my [pleasant] surprise, I felt neither fearful nor nervous. Instead from the pit of my stomach grew a feeling that was more comforting than anything else; it was the same feeling I had the night before Freshman Orientation. An anxious feeling, yes, but of more excitement than anything else. Both experiences mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life. This trip is bound to bring about new experiences that will surely shape me in a number of small, indescribable ways. So hasta luego, Baltimore, y buen día Buenos Aires!


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