Travel Prospects

Hola a todos,

¿Cómo están?

Today I sit and reflect on the passed 8 weeks here in Buenos Aires… 8 weeks?! That’s longer than a summer at Wo! Looking back on it all, so much has happened; so much I’ve seen, done, learned, and experienced, and I still have 14 weeks left! Finally I’ve found my schedule, my groove, and my drive. I’ll be honest, it was an adjustment at first. I don’t think it was a culture shock, just more of a transition. Quite honestly, it was like I was starting freshman year of college all over again. I was in a new place, with new people, far far away from the familiar. Even two months later as I’m settling into my schedule, finding time to skype with friends and family, reevaluating those fast friends I made the first week, and exploring my surroundings, I feel as if my experience here is running on a parallel track as did freshman year. Personally, I absolutely loved freshman year, so no complaints here! One thing I regret is the lack of travel that I’ve done so far.. But hopefully I shall make up for that soon.
Trips on the horizon include:

Sept 20-23: Iguazzu, the magestic waterfalls that border Argentina and Brazil; it’s now officially one of the great Seven Wonders of the World.

Oct 03-08: Mendoza, wine country situated at the base of the Andes Mountains

Nov 02-03: Mar de Plata, “La Feliz,” a beautiful city on the coast of the province of Buenos Aires, south of C.A.B.A. (la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires). It’s where the young and beautiful escape for long weekends to hit up the popular theaters, concerts, and the beach of course!

Nov 22-2
4: Colonia, Uruguay for Thanksgiving at Mario’s house

Other possible trips in the future:
Tigre, Córdoba, Montevideo, Patagonia (Tierra del Fuego). In a perfect world, I’d also love to go to Salta, Peru, and Chile.. We shall see what the future has in store.


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