Monthly Life Update – Bienvenidos Octubre!

Sometimes I sit in my little room and wonder if I should be doing something more productive with my life on Monday evenings than going on Facebook, watching an episode (or two) of Weeds or listening to the new Florence + the Machine album Mac sent me a few days ago… eh. For those of you who don’t know (and how should you, since I’m nearly nonexistent on this website), Monday is by far my least favorite day of the week. I like to consider it like a case of the Mondays on some hefty dopamine. En serio, my friends. #privilagedwhitegirlproblems, sure, but they’re problems nonetheless.

I’m lucky enough to have four day weekends and thus all five of my courses are squished into the first three days of the week. Therefore, dear Monday has a considerate amount of pressure resting on it’s weak, little shoulders. But alas, I lucked out again! My Monday courses do not begin til 4:30 in the afternoon, so that’s plenty of time to get some productive work done, or sleep in after working on Sunday night, right?.. oh, silly gringa, you are mistaken once more. Despite the ignorant scheduling error I made in the course-selection process back in August (resulting in an hour overlap between my two Monday classes.. oops), my back-to-back Monday courses not only span a  6-hour time period of sitting and listening, but they are also the two most challenging courses that I am taking this semester. The latter is why dear old Monday mornings have become the bane of my existence.

HOWEVER, this Monday has taken a turn for the better… is this possible? Why yes, yes indeed! In the midst of a negative, debbie downer, #privilagedwhitegirlproblems post, allow me to reveal some rays of sunshine shining through the stormclouds:

1. Firstly, I have FINALLY settled my issues with Xoom. I plan on creating a more detailed post about this sometime soon in the future (but let’s be honest, I tend to be quite ambitious with these posts). Long story short, Xoom is a money transferring system that gives you a better exchange rate than the banks. After hours, days, weeks of attempted transfers and subsequent cancellations I have finally secured a legitimate transfer! huzzah! just in time for my trip to Mendoza this weekend.

2. There are actually tress on my street? Who knew?! Spring has finally sprung around the streets of Buenos Aires, and it’s like I’m seeing the city through a new set of spectacles! However, as I find myself falling in love with this city all over again, I also find myself missing the beauty of the North American fall.

3. I still have no idea what’s going on in my UBA Sociology class (Internet, Digital Culture and New Political Practices for Social Resistance), but my group is doing really well in the class! So hey, no complaints here. I just wish I was getting more knowledge out of it rather than just getting by. Although, I am a fan of my professor’s fashion sense. Stark white button-down, patterned, belted, a-line skirt and subtle leopard print wedges – GIRL! The woman is well past fifty, but she is rockin’ it for sure.

4. I have officially reached true porteña status. Today in class I was offered mate by a cool porteño classmate. Of course I do my usual polite-self kind of thing and say thank you. However, apparently, according to my new friend, “nunca dica gracias” (you never say thank you when offered mate), because it means that you don’t want any more. Noted.

5. My Historia Argentina professor, who slightly frightens and intimidates me, actually acknowledged me today in class and said that he things my final thesis is fantastic. YESS. #notgonnafail

6. I’m actually making a blog post?!

All in all, not a bad Monday, not too bad at all.


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